#InsideASAP with Our CEO, Elie Touma

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There is no better way to understand something than going directly to the source; that is why we sat down with ASAP Systems CEO Elie Touma to learn more about inventory systems, his vision for ASAP Systems, and the industry itself.

  • When you first acquired ASAP Systems, what was the inventory system and asset tracking industry like?


The inventory system and asset tracking system back then was very small; very few companies offered an inventory management solution the way they do today. The inventory systems were mainly Microsoft Access based, meaning the interface and database were in Microsoft Access. Barcode scanners at that point were all command-driven, so users would have to manually enter in the command. Needless to say, it was a bit primitive and not as functional as it is today.


  • What was your initial vision for ASAP Systems and how has it changed over the years?


My vision for ASAP Systems has never changed; it has always been the same. Before ASAP Systems, when you wanted an inventory management solution, you had to pay someone to custom make a program for your specific needs. The other inventory system option was to buy an ‘out of the box’ product where what you see is what you get – no configurability at all. My vision was to combine the two options, so consumers would get the best of both worlds. We have stuck to that mission, whether it be Cloud-based or client-server based. The vision is still to deliver an asset tracking solution that is out of the box but configurable to the client’s needs. We wanted to give clients the option of being able to hand-select modules they needed, and if the occasion raised that their inventory system needed more features, they were able to purchase additional modules.

Rather than pay someone thousands of dollars to build their perfect inventory system, ASAP Systems envisioned and delivered a product that clients could configure to their liking.


  • How has the technology and different emerging industries played a role in what inventory systems and asset tracking evolved to be?


We always strive to instill and adapt our inventory systems and asset tracking solutions to the latest and greatest technology. To do that, our team is always researching and observing the newest and latest trends in technology. From there, we observe how we can apply these new trends to our inventory systems. When Software-As-A-Service emerged, we were one of the first inventory systems and asset tracking companies to apply it to our services. When mobile applications became popular, we were one of the first to adapt our inventory systems into a mobile app. We are always looking to adapt and lead our entire industry to the latest technology, not just our company.


  • Is there any exciting news or new features that we can have a sneak peek into?


Not too much we can reveal, but I’ll give you three words: the Internet of Things. That’s all I can do!