Corfu Foods Becomes Certified with Our Help!

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This system was able to help us with the SQF process flawlessly. When a raw material is received, we assign it a lot number. Then we print that lot number onto a custom barcode and scan it into this system.

Jonathan Corfu, SQF Practitioner.

Asset tracking and inventory systems are more relevant in your life than you may think. In fact, if a restaurant is using an efficient asset tracking system, you can taste the freshness in their food!

The case stands true with Corfu Foods. Corfu Foods is a leading manufacturer and distributor of gyro meat products. With tastiness and freshness as a key trait of their reputation, Corfu Foods knew they wanted to take it to the next level and become SQF certified. In order to achieve this certification, Corfu Foods knew they had to implement an asset tracking system to supplement their existing ERP system.

One of the requirements that Corfu Foods was looking for in an asset tracking solution was the ability to implement continuous process movements. With materials always being received and delivered, it was important that their asset tracking solution was capable of live updates. ASAP Systems Inventory System solution allowed Corfu Foods to have simultaneous updates of what materials were coming in and shipping out, giving them a larger and more accurate picture of what their daily operations were.

ASAP System’s asset tracking solution was also able to be configured to track the expiry dates of raw materials used in production. Tracking and receiving alerts of expiry dates of raw materials not only help Corfu Foods deliver fresh-tasting products, but also ensure their products are safe for consumer purchase and consumption.

Implementing ASAP Systems Inventory System, for asset tracking was essential for Corfu Foods to successfully obtain an SQF certification. SQF certification requires an accurate initial board audit as well as annual audits to remain certified. ASAP Systems provided a configurable asset tracking solution that allowed Corfu Foods to accurately handle shipping and receiving, provide reports of inventory whenever desired, and real-time simultaneously updates to minimize the risk of human error.

With the help of ASAP Systems, Corfu Foods was able to successfully become SQF certified in 2014.

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