Moving From Paper to a Mobile Inventory System

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The advancement of mobile solutions into various industries has catapulted the need for asset tracking and inventory system to gain traction and efficiently assist businesses. Even though inventory tracking systems are on the rise, there are still a number of organizations that rely on outdated manual filing processes and paper-based systems. Maintaining these old-style approaches for asset tracking and inventory control can create problems for businesses such as duplicating or missing documents, extra labor, and inaccuracy in stock levels.

Despite the flaws of a paper system, the fear of adapting to a newer, modern system can deter businesses from transitioning into new technology. Learning how to efficiently deploy and implement an inventory system within an existing business structure can be intimidating and time-consuming. Regardless of the time and effort invested in learning, transitioning into an updated inventory system will increase productivity for your business.

Benefits of Transitioning to a Mobile Solution

  • Save Money

Proper asset management enables businesses to establish a chain of custody to ensure the accountability of equipment and ensure employees have the tools they need to perform their jobs. Not having to buy new equipment due to better asset utilization saves money.

  • Form Factor/User Familiarity

Mobile devices are light, employees are familiar with them, mobile apps tend to have similar navigation functions, and they have built-in cameras to enable enterprise-grade barcode scanning.

  • Accuracy

Barcode scanning using a mobile device eliminates manual data entry errors while enabling data to be logged instantly from a mobile app. Think of 12 digit SKUs or 20 digit serial numbers, it is easy to see that a quick barcode scan is head and shoulders better than manually keying in all of those digits. This leads to increased productivity and reduced problems based on data input errors for your business.

  • Accessibility & Ease-of-Use

Mobile apps eliminate the requirement for one or more computers in the warehouse, and since the mobile device is usually close by in your pocket, you can perform inventory system functions whenever and wherever you need.

  • Training

Even if it’s a company-supplied smartphone or tablet versus an employee-owned one, users are familiar with mobile device functionality which cuts down learning time. It also allows for parallel training of many users at once because the mobile devices are so prevalent. Gone are the days of sitting in front of a computer one by one, or passing around an expensive mobile barcode scanner because there’s only one or two of them.

Proven Results and ROI

The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS) was transitioning to a new facility and needed an effective way to track their 2,000+ assets. Like many organizations, they were relying on a paper system. After carefully studying their options, they found an asset tracking solution from ASAP Systems that fit their needs best along with an iOS mobile app.

In order for the NCDHHS team to have success with rolling out their system, they needed robust reporting, a detailed search function, and great customer support. With ASAP Systems  Inventory System and Asset Tracking solution including a mobile app, saved tremendous time tracking inventory and running reports for an accurate count. Now NCDHHS is able to ensure efficiency and accountability of DHHS programs, maintain strategic goals in order to successfully transition and run 14 facilities, and also create a great work environment for their employees.