3 Benefits Data Import Brings to Inventory Management

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Upgrading from a handwritten inventory and asset tracking system to a digital and automated barcode-based solution can seem like a lot of work. However, the Inventory System and Asset Tracking Solution user-friendly inventory data import feature ease the transition by eliminating most of the time and costs that upgrading could potentially entail. Three of the handiest and profitable benefits are listed below.

#1 Speediness of Inventory Data Import

The data import functionality, you don’t have to manually reenter data that has been saved in other file formats. You can harvest the inventory and asset data, collected from barcode scanning, and saved in MS Excel, csv., or txt. files. Thus, saving you time and reducing labor costs derived from hours spent repeatedly typing and editing spreadsheets. Just follow these three easy steps.

#2 Scalability to Match Your Needs

Does your company operate several large warehouses or storage facilities? Do you make several high-volume inventory purchases throughout a quarter? Fear not, our Inventory System and Asset Tracking solution is completely scalable to your needs. Importing in bulk is a comprehensive solution for organizing inventory data from several different sources. No matter how large or complex, our Inventory System and Asset Tracking solution’s flexibility can easily match the scope of your business. It saves you time and effort and makes the process of organizing your inventory system data painless and straightforward.

#3 Both Stock Inventory & Assets

Don’t waste money and time acquiring two separate systems, learning the different functionalities, and implementing the protocols. The ability to manage inventory and assets in the same system is one of several capabilities that makes our Inventory System and Asset Tracking solution a unique barcode-based solution. You have the flexibility to import an array of new stock items or equipment and accurately track both in the same system.