Inventory System and Asset Tracking – Automated Alert and Notification Feature

ASAP Systems ( Launches New Automated Alert and Notification Features for its Inventory and Asset  Management Software Application.

San Jose CA (July 07, 2009)—ASAP Systems today announced the release of an Automated Alert and Notification feature for its Inventory and IT Assets barcode-based system application.  This new addition to the Inventory System and Asset Tracking Solution platform will allow users to set Alert Triggers within the application to notify any designated person or group via email or cellular phone text messaging of any changes.  Here are three typical examples of how this advanced communication feature is implemented:

Example: Our Inventory customers can set the system to receive an email or a text message to his or her iPhone, Blackberry or Google phone to be notified if the inventory level of a certain item in a specific location just dropped below a preset minimum value.

Example: Our Assets customers can set the system to receive an email or a text message to his or her iPhone, Blackberry or Google phone to be notified if certain assets have moved or been disposed.

Example: Our customers can customize reports and set time triggers to automatically run, and email these self made reports.

“We built this feature to provide our mobile customers with the ability to keep in touch with their business 24hours a day, 7 days a week,” said Carlos Khouri, senior software engineer at ASAP Systems.

“Efficient decisions are made when critical data is always available, and is accurate and updates instantly.  With that in mind, we developed this module to provide live and accurate data for our customers,” said Elie Jean Touma, President and CEO of ASAP Systems.

About ASAP Systems:

For more than 20 years, ASAP Systems has been providing proven solutions for automated data collection and tracking of assets, items, and inventory to some of the world’s premier enterprises in virtually every major industry.  ASAP Systems brings tremendous depth in consultative solution expertise and an exceptional, combined solution of software and barcode equipment to companies looking to manage the inventory aspects of their business.  ASAP Systems is in a continual state of research and development, bringing only the very best to our customers, and carefully testing and proving new technologies as they emerge to ensure that they can meet the real-world demands of our customers.  Through many years of experience with a vast range of unique customer requirements, ASAP Systems has developed an unmatched expertise in customizing solutions to fit almost any budget, technical or user requirement and in providing systems that are extensible enough to grow and change with an organization. The number one goal at ASAP Systems from sales through technical support is customer satisfaction—guaranteed.