Inventory System and Asset Tracking – Adding New Shoppers

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Hello and thank you for joining me for this training video.
Today we will be covering How to Add New Shoppers. Our recent UI update has modified the look and feel of many of our forms enhancing their efficiency. We will start of by clicking the Admin Dropdown in the main navigation ribbon and choose User Settings and Users. This screen will show a list of all the users and shoppers in the account and their related security level.

To add a New Shopper, start by pressing the ‘Add New’ button. With the ‘New Person’ window open we can assign a Person ID, First Name and Last Name. The Person ID will be used as the primary identifier for the user and can be converted to a barcode. This ID must be unique and never repeated. Existing barcodes (like those on ID badges) can be used as long as the content of the barcode is used as the Person ID. There is quite a bit of other information that can be added, but most of it is optional.

We will need to provide an email address and press the ‘Shopper’ box. Once Shopper has been checked new tabs will appear called ‘User Info’ as well as ‘Stock Shopper’ and/or ‘Asset Shopper’. Under User Info we will assign and username, this is most commonly the Person ID, but can be anything else needed. Administrators will also need to set the Timezone for the shopper. For Asset Shoppers check the box next to the Security Level needed for this shopper. For Stock Shoppers, we will need to set both their security level and Assign Customers. The customers selected in this screen will be available for the user to select when placing an order. Once these fields, and any other needed by your organization have been entered, press the ‘Save & Close’ button in the upper right corner. This will send an email to the new shopper with their login credentials and a temporary password.

Please note, the shopper will need to change their temporary password before they can login the first time. The temporary password will not suffice to login to Barcloud. Thank you again for joining me for this video. Be sure to check out the rest of our Training Videos for any other questions.