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Inventory Active
Directory Feature

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Organize and Synchronize User Accounts

Microsoft's Active Directory allows a centralized, standardized network service for user management integration. Our Inventory System leverages this service by allowing users to have accounts, login authentication, and single sign-on capabilities, with no need to double manage user accounts.

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Active Directory Import

Our Inventory System’s Active Directory integration offer the ability to import user login details, including accounts, Microsoft login authentication, and single sign-on capabilities so that it is easier to integrate a list of user information. After selecting the Integration Settings, Active Directory Tab, selecting the user’s group and Sync.

Watch & Learn - Active Directory Integration

Learn how the Active Directory Feature offers the ability to integrate users to our Inventory System in a few easy steps.

Active Directory Import and Integration Capabilities

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Connect to any Microsoft server

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Connect by the domain name

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Enter the Microsoft username and password

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Import department information associated with users

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Schedule a customized integration data synchronization

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Import Microsoft user account status

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Import users' addresses

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Single sign-on: auto-login to our Inventory System when the user logs into Active Directory

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