Covington Community School Corporation – Case Study

Our Asset Tracking System for Education Helps School Corporation Manage School Devices, Power Supplies, and ID tags

case study

Company Overview: Covington Community School Corporation

Home of the Trojans, Covington Community School Corporation (CCSC) serves the Covington community in Fountain County, Indiana. A PreK-12 public school corporation, CCSC is determined to provide students with ample support, with a strong emphasis on academics and extra-curricular opportunities to bolster students for their future in a “competitive global community.”

Determined to equip their students with proper resources, CCSC needed an effective and easy-to-use asset tracking system to manage the Chromebooks and accessories that students loaned long-term from the schools.

The Challenge of Securing Loaned Equipment Before Our System

CCSC started with an offline system that required frequent updates and backups, resulting in unnecessary added work for employees as well as inefficient asset check-in and check-out functions. This would cause significant delays when students loaned school equipment like Chromebooks, power supplies and ID tags.

Additionally, their previous system also did not have an asset tracking function or any form of record-keeping for their assets. This left CCSC completely out of the loop when their students checked out equipment for the entire school year, putting expensive equipment like Chromebooks at risk of being lost without any ability to recover the asset.



  • Education

Key Challenge

  • Maintenance-heavy system
  • Lack of audit trail
  • Inefficient asset tracking
  • Unable to track assets


  • User-friendly system
  • Cloud-based database
  • Hassle-free management
  • Viewable check-in/out history

Why Covington Community School Corporation Chose Our Web-Based Solution

Frustrated with the time-consuming and inefficient system they had, CCSC decided to explore options that were dedicated to helping educational institutions with their asset management. What they needed was a cloud-based solution that could ease the inefficiency of their maintenance-heavy and labor-intensive system. That’s when they found our Asset Tracking System for education. Upon more research, they realized quickly that our top-ranked solution with advanced features such as real-time asset tracking and status updates through barcode location was the best option. When they saw the affordable promotional pricing, advanced asset tracking features and easy-to-use system, they were sold.

Our web-based solution made accounting for Chromebooks, power supplies, and school ID tags a lot easier for them, enabling CCSC to empower their students with access to online resources needed for education. With our friendly staff at a quick phone call or online chat away, CCSC Technology Director John Karrfalt said, “BarCloud Asset was at the top of our list of asset tracking systems.”

How CCSC Used Our Cloud-Based Solution

The easy-to-use software allowed CCSC to start implementing our Asset Tracking System with barely any learning curve after the initial training session. After entering all the Chromebooks, power supplies, and ID tags into the system, the barcode check-in and check-out feature allowed them to quickly and efficiently loan out equipment to their students. The history tracking feature also came in handy as they were able to monitor the status of their assets, allowing them to compile their data in a cloud without taking up space on their computers.

The history feature alone cut down the time spent on maintenance and back-ups which was a huge plus. This also prepared them for future audits as data would be ready to go at any time. Our Asset Tracking System also comes with a configurable Education Asset report feature that generates statistics and gives CCSC a better understanding of their assets and their data.

The Results

Covington Community School Corporation transformed their tracking into a more efficient and streamlined process after purchasing a school asset tracking solution with us. This saved them time, money and many road bumps. Our system helped them maintain records of their devices in a cloud, providing them with instant visibility over their assets, as well as giving them real-time status updates on their Chromebooks, which was something that they could not find elsewhere.

Our web-based system uploads their data into a cloud, cutting down on the time and energy that used to be spent on maintenance and provides them with frequent updates, that give them more space to focus on their students’ academics and extracurricular activities. The instant visibility of asset information also helps to keep CCSC updated on the condition of their expensive equipment and allows them to schedule maintenance and updates for their devices. This was the ideal solution as students can borrow Chromebooks and power supplies long term without worrying about administrative permission for program updates from manufacturers.

Overall, CCSC was very satisfied with our system as it gave staff and students a boost in productivity and proved to be an effective tool for their needs. We were pleased to have been able to play a role in improving infrastructure that are part of educating our future leaders.


Chromebooks, power supplies, and ID tags aren’t the only things our system can help you keep your assets visible. Whether you need an asset tracking system for furniture, tablets, projectors, or even stationery in your school, our software can assist you in making sure you never lose sight of them, easing your worries about misplacing assets.

To learn more about how you can improve your organization’s efficiency with our Asset Tracking System, Check out our website or or schedule a demo today at

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