5 Tracking Facts Healthcare Facilities Should Know During This Period of Uncertainty & Downtime

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During crisis management, things can get a little out of hand if your inventory is not properly being managed or tracked. It is critical that healthcare facilities consider implementing an Inventory System / Asset Tracking Solution to help keep things in order and on track so that you never have to worry about their inventory/assets being mismanaged in time of need.

1) Effective Inventory Control During a Crisis

A Barcode Inventory System ensures medical practices, hospitals, labs the three inventory control variables are met. The three variables are:

  • Inventory Replenishment of warehouse or central inventory.
  • Documented usage of inventory.
  • Inventory replenishment of in-station or in-ambulance inventory.

2)Always Know Where Life Saving Devices Are

Supplies like test kits, protective gear, respiratory equipment, respirator masks and other valuable equipment used by the medical staff are significant financial investments. With severe shortages scenarios that medical facilities are facing, every item counts. Keeping track of equipment as it flows through operations is a critical risk management process, especially in crisis mode.

Check-in Check-out Feature for an Asset Tracking System enables doctors, nurses and all medical staff to verify which equipment is checked out, to which station or vehicle, and by whom. This process will enhance credibility over the facility’s assets and prevent missing assets and assets in motion to be recovered. If an asset requires maintenance the user can also record the maintenance while in the field using the Maintenance Feature.

3) There is No Time for Human Error when Lives Are On The Line

Barcoding can raise the precision level to about 100%. Barcode scanners are reliable, quick, and easy to use. Healthcare facilities are in need of a system that is quick and easy to use due to the nature of their job and its importance during this critical time. A barcode tracking that combines ease of use, speed, and accuracy is a perfect solution for the healthcare industry.

4) Cost Saving is a Top Priority amid Covid-19

It is imperative that medical facilities know exactly what items they have in order to effectively do their job. It is equally important for these departments to save money and work efficiently. Having a Barcode Tracking system prevents healthcare practices from overstocked items that may become obsolete or running out of life-saving supplies.

5) Stay Updated on Inventory Levels to Maintain Efficiency amid Covid-19

Amongst constant change, it is crucial to stay updated on inventory levels. A robust Barcode Tracking System can track all inventory quantities and send notifications when levels of certain items are above the predetermined quantity level.