Increase efficiency With an Inventory and Asset Tracking System.

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In every industry, the managers are required to pay attention to every detail and keep track of all aspects related to their department. But how?

ASAP Systems, the leader in Inventory System and Asset Tracking solutions based in the United States is always striving to provide a solution to every problem occurring in every industry. Our Barcode-based Inventory and Asset Tracking System offers the Email & SMS Feature.

Email & SMS Feature.

The Alerts feature enables the Inventory and Asset Tracking Users to set alert triggers to different transactions notifying them via an SMS text message sent to their mobile phone or email address. This feature offers the ability to configure the email and SMS content.

How both Inventory Stock managers and Asset Tracking managers use the Email & SMS Feature.

Inventory Stock Managers:

To increase efficiency, the Inventory Stock Managers can set-up Email & SMS alerts for multiple transactions. Roy, an inventory Stock Manager in a Medical supplies warehouse, sets a reorder quantity of 300 x-ray machines. In addition, he sets up an alert to trigger when the stock level falls below or above the designated reorder quantity. This ensures Roy can keep track of stock levels and makes sure that the warehouse never experiences overstocking or understocking situations.

Alerts can also be set-up across multiple locations to keep track of inventory levels. Emma, the Inventory Stock Manager for an IT company that owns two sites, one in Austin, Texas and the other in San Francisco, California, wants to keep a minimum/maximum quantity level for both locations. Whenever the levels move outside the predetermined location min/max an alert will be triggered to notify her of the stock issue.

Asset Tracking Managers:

The Email & SMS Alerts feature improves the Asset Tracking management with the ability to configure Alerts to multiple asset tracking processes, such as maintenance events. John, the asset tracking manager is responsible for over 500 transportation vehicles, needs help to track all vehicle maintenance.
Using the Alert feature, John will be alerted for the upcoming monthly oil change for a certain vehicle.  John will ensure that every maintenance event is accounted for and not forgotten.

The Email and SMS feature can be configured to manage contract renewals ensuring asset tracking managers never forget warranty end dates or maintenance contract end dates. It is challenging to manage contracts and to keep track of when to renew them. The Alert feature will notify you whenever a contract is about to end. As an example, a bank owns over 400 ATMs and every one of them has its own warranty contract. The alert feature will send off an alert notifying the Asset Tracking managers of the upcoming warranty contract end-date. The Email and SMS feature is so configurable, managers no longer need to rely on memory and manual ledgers. The Inventory, Asset Tracking System features,  and modules will streamline every process.