December 21, 2021

Military Inventory System and Asset Tracking

By Francesca Touma

Military Industry Using OurInventory and Asset Tracking System-

It is incredibly important for the military to have an airtight and secure Inventory and asset tracking system in order to be more efficient, but how do you decide which system is best?

With so many systems to choose from with almost identical base features, finding the perfect system for your specific needs can be incredibly difficult and time-consuming. That’s why we put together a guide to easily identify essential features you should look for when choosing an inventory and asset tracking system for the Military.



Having a system that won’t keep your tracking information secure is not an option with so much at stake. This, however, is a given. What isn’t always apparent is how to find the most secure system. Many dedicated inventory and asset tracking solutions have all the security you could ever need built-in. Still, many come with an “On-Premise” Solution that allows you to do all the IT work on your end.

With an On-Premise Solution, you never have to worry about not being secure enough because the system will allow you to take security into your own hands. You will be able to install whatever firewalls and other protections that you need on your information so you can rest easy knowing that your tracking data is in the safest hands that it possibly could be, your own.

Additionally, if you’re not going with an On-Premise Solution, it is important to research the specific security certifications and features of the system you’re looking to purchase. Also, some systems like our System allow you to restrict features for anyone who does not need to use them. This way, you have control of the access level you give each user.


Audit Trails

The U.S. Government funnels about $725 billion into the military annually. With this scale of money at play, it is natural that the government is heavily regulated. Having a tracking system with an audit trail can help to ensure that these regulations are met far more easily. Most systems come with some form of history for asset and inventory tracking, but many of these features have heavy limitations of what they record or how far back the record.

Researching the audit trail feature, specifically learning details about the information they record and how far back they go, can be instrumental in choosing the right military management system for your base. For example, our Military Inventory System and Asset Tracking Solution can go back to the moment you activated the feature and track transactions, assets, and more.


Military Audit Trails



Going somewhat hand in hand with the Audit Trail feature, ensuring that the system you are looking for will allow for accountability is key to tracking. For example, having a system that will enable you to log who has taken an asset or inventory item out at a specific time or performed maintenance on which vehicle or machine will ensure that everyone stays accounted for.

You can also ensure that nothing goes missing or stolen with the system, as they will tell you where the item is. Some tracking solutions can get incredibly specific with this, though, allowing you to find where the item should be down to the specific shelf, room, and building. Again, this specificity will ensure that nothing goes wrong and will ultimately help provide security and stability of operations.


Maintenance Features

On the asset side specifically, maintenance is essential. For military branches like the Navy, being self-reliant is incredibly important as something could break down in the middle of the ocean and need to be swiftly repaired. Of course, this applies to other branches as well, as, in the heat of a mission, there might not be time for lackluster maintenance.

Once again, this is a feature you want to understand its limitations. In general, you want to find a system that has the capability for:


Asset MaintenancePreventative Maintenance

Sometimes it isn’t wise to wait until an asset break to perform maintenance. Preventative maintenance like calibrations and checks can ensure that the asset never breaks in the first place. You can schedule and perform preventive maintenance with our system, noting important information like who performed the maintenance and where.


Schedule MaintenanceScheduled Maintenance

Some assets need regular attention to ensure that they stay in good shape. Scheduled maintenance can refer to maintenance that happens regularly for these sorts of assets. However, it can also just refer to any maintenance that has been scheduled for a future date.


Asset Maintenance AlertsAlerts for upcoming Maintenance

It is easy for things to get forgotten in the shuffle with so many things going on. That is why our system allows you to set up configurable alerts for your upcoming maintenance. You can choose whether you want the alert to be emailed, texted, or both. You can also decide who gets it, how far before the event it sends, and what the message of the alert says.


Inventory and Asset Tracking

Inventory And Asset Tracking SystemWith so much consumable inventory and so many assets to keep track of, ensuring that the system you are looking at can meet your tracking needs is critical. With ASAP Systems, you can choose to track your inventory, assets, or both using only one system. This is a crucial factor in increasing operations efficiency.

Although they are few and far between, it makes the most sense to purchase one tracking solution that allows you to track every single bullet, plane, tank, boat, uniform, computer, walkie-talkie, or anything else that you can think to track. You will thank your past self for having the foresight when you don’t have to spend extra time logging out of a system and into a new one every time you want to switch over from looking at your inventory to your assets.


Multi-Division Tracking

Once you decide on a system that makes the most sense for you, you want to be able to use it to track any number of your divisions. However, the needs of every division might be different, making it so you either need to purchase a separate system for each separate division or constantly be changing settings so that each division is accounted for.

That is unless you get a system that can track multiple divisions at once. A few Military Inventory System and Asset Tracking Solutions come with the functionality of allowing you to separate your system into multiple divisions and setting up specific configurations for each division, so you can meet the needs of each without needing to waste time, effort, and money on separate systems.


Modular System

Best Inventory and Asset Tracking System For Military EntitiesThe needs of the military when it comes to inventory, and asset tracking are vastly different from any other industry. With essential processes that need to be streamlined and performed quickly, the purchase system mustn’t be muddled with features that you won’t use.


Finding a modular system will allow you to add features that are important to you but might not be necessary to a hospital, church, or construction company and take off features that aren’t relevant to you. Having a system like this would allow you to cut straight to the chase, avoiding wasting time on unnecessary features that make the system more confusing and difficult to use.


Complete Tracking Solution

If you’re looking for a system with all these features and more, our Inventory and Asset Tracking Solution is the way to go. With the most powerful and configurable system on the market, ASAP Systems is the only tracking solution that contains every single one of these features and allows you to configure it further to fit whatever your tracking needs are.

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