Asset Tracking Reservation Cart Feature

“Welcome to ASAP Systems a business-based barcoding System which provides solutions for tracking stock inventory and assets.

“We are here to talk about our Asset Tracking and Inventory System.

The Asset Shop is a where any user in your organization can be permitted access to easily log in and make a reservation to any Asset(s) he wishes to check out. The reservations are made through an interface that the administrators can configure and also control which items are available to be selected. The shop will allow the employees and staff to easily search, filter and flag various model options while also being able to control how the items are sorted on the screen.

With a couple of clicks, they are able to add the items they need to their cart from there. They also add the check-out date as well as the check back in date and submit the order and be done! Also this interface you will able to see a list of items are currently checked-out and reserved as well as a speciallary the items that are currently overdue.

If you are already a customer go ahead and reach out to your solution consultant to try out this module. If not, now is a great time to reach out to us to see a demo or get a trial.