ASAP Systems announces the release of the new Asset Reservation Cart feature for its Asset Tracking System.

(Texas, Austin)

ASAP Systems, the market leader in the Inventory System and Asset Tracking announces how its Asset Tracking Software has a new “Asset Reservation Cart” feature. The New Cart allows all employees and internal staff within the organization the ability to reserve any available Asset(s). The Administrators can process the reservation Request and check out the required Asset to the designated employee.

The Asset Reservation Cart is designed to give all employees and internal staff the ability to browse all available items ready for checkout. , This feature allows them to make reservation requests on an Asset(s) already checked out. In addition, the Asset Reservation Cart allows employees and staff the ability to flag their favorite Asset(s) and set a filter to make their search more efficient. Finally, employees will be alerted when assets are overdue and should be checked back in.

On the administrative side,  Administrators can process reservation requests and check out requested equipment allowing them to have complete visibility and equipment tracking.

In addition, the System Administrators can set a variety of configurations that will affect how the employees and internal staff view their Asset Reservation Cart. Those configurations include the ability to determine which Assets appear available for checkout,  the power to configure the home screen view, either small or large image size or to either Assets list view or models view.

ASAP Systems’ Head of Engineering, Joseph Azzi, explains: “The purpose of the Asset Reservation Cart is to increase the visibility of all the organization’s employees and internal staff over all available Assets for check-out,”

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