Asset Tracking System – How-To Configure “My Assets” Feature

Hello and thank you for joining me for this training video.  Today we will be covering How to Configure My Assets of ASAP Systems’ Asset Tracking System.  These configurations will apply to both the Reservation portion as well as the Custody portion of ‘My Assets’.

We will start off by going to System Configuration in the Admin drop-down.  On the left side of the System Configuration page, we have the option for the Shopping Cart.  The image size option will apply to the Asset images in the list pages as seen here.  The second option set whether or not the cart will use a Model Page or an Asset List page as the home screen.  If Model Page is chosen, the assets will be listed once the shopper selects a Model.  The third configuration option is a drop-down which will determine what information is provided to the shopper in the Asset List screens.  Administrators can choose any they like, but I would caution against providing too much information since it often clutters the interface.  The final option will control if notifications are sent out for any of the shopper requests.

Once the cart is configured the last step is to decide which items will be available for which cart.  [Insert Navigation Method to Asset file].  When we open an asset file there are two checkboxes under the Acquisition Type field.  ‘Available for Checkout’ will add the asset to the Reservation Cart while ‘Available for Custody Transfer’ will add the asset to the Custody Cart.  These two fields are also able to be imported to update the Asset list in mass.

Thank you again for joining me for this video.  Be sure to check out the rest of our Training Videos for any other questions.