Asset Tracking System – Multi-Site

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In this video, we are discussing Our Asset Tracking System’s Multi-site Feature.

This powerful feature is designed to cater to any sized organization ranging from Enterprises, Global Organizations, and Large to Medium entities owning multiple locations referred to as SITES.

This Multi-Site Feature enables entities to keep their Asset Data separate and independent within the sites. This eliminates the need to buy separate systems.

The Main Objective of this Multi-Site Feature is to eliminate the need to purchase multiple Standalone Systems for each site and pay for each one separately. And then later pay to connect the data through APIs.

With ASAP Systems, you only pay for one Tracking System that empowers you to divide it into Multiple Sites and save significant amounts of Money, Time, Effort, and Engineering.

Here are some examples of organizational types that can benefit:

-An IT Enterprise with 3 departments, each one is considered a site

-An EMS Station with multiple branches throughout a county

-A Global Firm that is expanded into multiple offices around the world

-Government Agencies with multiple entities within a city or state

In order to implement this feature, the organization will require at least one Global Administrator to divide and create Sites, according to the organizational requirements.

The Global Administrator(s) oversees all available sites.

Those sites, with their own independent Data not visible to each other, can include departments, buildings, stations, or a cluster of locations such as classrooms, offices, storage closets, etc.

Each site will have at least one site Administrator and several Concurrent Users.

Finally, everyone else who is not a concurrent user or an administrator will have their own access through the “ My Assets”.

In summary, here is a look at how an organization would flow.

We at ASAP Systems, aim to provide our customers with the latest innovations and technologies while maintaining ease-of-use and flexibility. We constantly seek to update and enhance our features to accommodate our customer’s needs and requirements.

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