Asap System’s Barcode Inventory System and Asset Tracking Helps the Vancouver Police Department

San Jose, CA (August 07, 2013)— ASAP Systems announces how its automated Inventory System and Asset Tracking solution helps the Vancouver Police Department save time and money by helping them keep track of the movement and value of thousands of expensive assets, and substantially decrease the number of lost funds and equipment.

Vancouver Police Department (VPD), the police force for the City of Vancouver in Washington State, is improving their accountability of tracking all assets, consumable inventory and accommodating grant compliance using ASAP Systems’ automated and easy-to-use inventory and asset tracking system.

The Vancouver Police Department was faced with the challenge of tracking and managing thousands of items—everything from inventory on-hand, inventory costs, life cycles and the disposition of inventory to assets that are checked out-in, assigned, filed and calibrated for required maintenance repairs such as police equipment, bulletproof vests, radars and PBT’s.

For many years, Vancouver Police tracked and assigned assets utilizing a hard copy check out-in system in combination with multiple spreadsheets without accounting for inventory values and disposition of items. It was time-consuming when equipment was issued out and returned because files had to be manually processed into spreadsheets.

ASAP Systems recommended their inventory and asset tracking system , an efficient system that is user-friendly and configurable, giving VPD the ability to easily view equipment issued out to help reunite lost assets with their owners and show a detailed audit trail for movement of materials. In order to charge the appropriate individual using the units, a report is run on the disposal and history of stock items issued out. Thus, ASAP Systems’ Inventory System and Asset Tracking Solution helps VPD become more accountable for their equipment by accurately identifying where an item should be assigned, located, and when it should be replaced or restored.

“We work with a lot of law enforcement customers,” said Elie Touma, President, and CEO of ASAP Systems. “Our inventory and asset tracking system work in a number of industries across the board because our system can be configured and catered to many situations and implementations within vast and diverse business operations ranging from all branches of Government to all branches of Business and Education entities.”

In addition, the inventory and asset tracking system helps VPD manage grant requirements by enabling grants to be centrally deposited with documented storage copies of original paperwork, and it provided the usability of taking pictures and tagging the items in the system associated with the purchase using the grant money. Inventory purchasers at VPD are also using money more efficiently by not over-stocking items. Moreover, the system gives the power to quickly find items that are spread out over two warehouses where stock inventory is stored.

“Probably one of the biggest advantages we have experienced over the last couple of years is being able to provide grant compliance. We wanted to be able to track grant awarded items, run reports for auditing purposes, and attach pictures and documentation associated with the grant to the item all in one place,” said Timmi Winther, Officer at the Vancouver Police Department.

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