Asset Tracking – Education

“Hello and Thank you for your interest in our industry-leading and widely used Asset Tracking System for Schools, Districts, and Universities/Colleges.

Our School Asset Tracking System is available either as a  Cloud-based or On-premise Solution. In addition, our System is compatible with existing laptops, desktops, iOS, and Android devices that guarantee accurate asset data collection.

Our School Asset Tracking System is also modular and fully configurable by system and school administrators, and individual teachers on a personal preference scale.  All designed for ease of use and to meet the specific and fluid asset tracking requirements of our educational clients.

We offer 2 distinct Asset Tracking options for Educational Institutions, both large and small. Let’s explore…

Standalone Systems: Schools operating only one location can benefit from the purchase of a standalone system. This System offers cost effectiveness and the flexibility for future growth.

Multi Site System: For school districts with multiple campuses we offer the Multi Site System with the ability to keep location data separate and independent. School districts and educational organizations can greatly benefit from the cost savings associated with only purchasing one system, with the ability to handle multiple campuses.

Here are some of our top Asset Tracking  Features for Schools

-Receive Feature- Easily receive new educational asset items, such as tablets, audio visual equipment, chromebooks, cameras, and more

-Move Feature- Move asset items between classrooms, teachers, and locations

-Check-out/Check-in Feature- Increase accountability and visibility  whenever an asset is checked out by a teacher or to a classroom

-Maintenance Tracking Feature- Ensures all asset items are always up to date on maintenance needs 

-And many more…

Another important and very useful asset tracking feature for schools is the Asset Reservation Cart “ My Assets” which enables teachers and students to easily reserve required asset items/school equipment. Administrators can also assign a due date when the item should be checked back in, allowing others to reserve it.

With streamlined asset tracking operations, administrators and teachers can spend more time and energy on educating future leaders.

Contact us to schedule a more in-depth, one-on-one demonstration to see how ASAP Systems can fit your organizational needs and to guide you on what to look for in an inventory system. “