Asset Tracking Active Directory Feature

A streamlined approach for a seamless integration

Integrate User Information

Easily integrate user information with our Asset Tracking System’s Active Directory Integration. Using this feature, import Microsoft user login details such as accounts, login authentication, and single sign-on capabilities.

Watch & Learn - Active Directory Integration

Learn how the Active Directory Feature offers the ability to integrate users to our Asset Tracking System in a few easy steps.

Equipment Maintenance System Capabilities

Connect to any Microsoft server

Connect by the domain name

Enter the Microsoft username and password

Import users' addresses

Schedule a configurable integration data synchronization

Import Microsoft user account status

Import department information associated with users

Single Sign-On: Automatically login to our Asset Tracking System when logged into Active Directory

asset tracking active directory image1

Active Directory Usage

  • Import user account status
  • Import department information associated with users
  • Import users’ address
  • Update asset’s location

Import Accounts

Import accounts that belong to specific groups within your current organization that are tracking assets by choosing department information and moving it over to our Asset Tracking system for integration.

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