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Passport Asset Tracking Software

Manage all of your assets and track items or people in one place. Issue, purchase and receive orders, moves, pick lists, check assets out and in, manage asset depreciation, take physical inventory counts, create and share custom reports and more.

Passport for Assets makes your life easier by providing a complete asset tracking system - automated barcoding software, barcode scanner and printer hardware, and barcoding or RFID technology - that will improve your inventory efficiency, allowing you to direct employees to spend their time and resources building business. Read More: Why should I use ASAP Passport for assets? 

Key Benefits of Passport for Asset Tracking

- Immediate access to asset location and ownership
- Simplified government mandated record keeping
- Increased accountability and control
- Reduced costs from allocating active or inactive assets
- Elimination of high human error incidence in book-based tracking
- Elimination of missed maintenance schedules
- Accounted for lost and misplaced equipment
- Rapid payback of system cost

Asset Desktop App

Asset tracking made easy by maintaining asset cost records, generate configurable reports, and schedule asset maintenance on the Passport Desktop for Assets.


Our asset tracking system offers the following features:

  • Tracks assets by location
  • Tracks whether an asset is active or inactive
  • Tracks serial and model number
  • Enables data field renaming
  • Enables addition of new items in the field
  • Assigns asset categories
  • Conducts standard reports for depreciation
  • Conducts physical inventory
  • Reconciles physical inventory to book inventory
  • Keeps asset photographs
  • Maintains asset cost records
  • Generates management reports
  • Schedules asset maintenance
  • Schedules transfers to other locations
  • Records notes for each asset
  • Prints barcode labels and catalogs
  • Exports data via PDF, Excel, Word, HTML, etc.
  • Uses commercial, off-the-shelf hand-held scanners
  • Works with virtually all types of asset labels
  • Easy to use, menu-driven software
  • No programming required
  • User configurable to your specifications
  • Integrated mobile software
  • Concurrent user licensing

Product Guide

Compare Passport for stock inventory management and Passport for asset management.
Passport Product Guide

System Requirements

Passport Desktop Software runs on these desktop PC operating systems:

Windows XP Professional

Windows 7 Professional-Enterprise-Ultimate

Windows 8 

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