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Inventory Management and Asset Tracking for Healthcare

With ASAP Passport's configurable software, managing your healthcare inventory becomes an automated process that will ultimately save you time and money.

ASAP Passport allows healthcare organizations such as hospitals, doctors' offices and clinics immediate efficiency gains by easily implementing barcodes for tracking medical equipment and supplies, performing supply logistics and material management coordination and managing documents.

Track every kind of hospital asset that is essential to patient care and clinic effectiveness, from infusion pumps to wheelchairs, telemetry transmitters to defibrillators— even patient monitoring cables.  Tracking hospital assets using RFID tags allows for automatic identification gathering.  ASAP Passport allows healthcare organizations to experience all of the same benefits of inventory control currently proven in the retail market.


Passport lets doctors, inventory managers and medical staff possess complete inventory control using barcode technology. Your life is easier while saving money by reducing unexpected inventory shortages, time taken to perform physical inventory and time to receive and issue out inventory. Thus, freeing up time for more significant duties and tasks like attending to a patient who needs assistance.

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